2.70 hours at sea, 1 person was helped


The volunteer crew was requested to assist in the evacuation of a 14 year old boy who had sustained a suspected ankle fracture whilst walking on rocks near Blair Point, Dysart.

On arrival, two crewmembers swam ashore to assess the situation and speak to the ambulance paramedic, who was already on scene. It soon became clear that the safest method of extraction would be by helicopter.

Rescue 999 from Prestwick was scrambled, and arrived on scene at 17:30 to winch the boy off the beach. The lifeboat crew worked alongside Leven and St Andrew Coastguard Rescue Teams and the Ambulance Service for a successful outcome.

Area Map



Lifeboat Crew Involved

Helmsman:M Brown
Crewmember:N Chalmers
Crewmember:M Davidson
Crewmember:K Davidson
Tractor Driver:C Pickering
Shore Helper:J Wibberley