1.25 hours at sea


The lifeboat was tasked to assist in the rescue of a german shepherd dog which had fallen over a sea wall and injured its paw. The wall was about 25', with rock armour at the toe. The dogs owner was trying to get over the wall to rescue their animal.

The lifeboat veered onto the location due to a 1m swell in the area, and the dog was brought onto the lifeboat.

The dog was taken to Cockenzie harbour where it was handed over to the SSPCA and its owner for treatment of a damaged paw and missing claw.

Area Map



Lifeboat Crew Involved

Helmsman:S McIlravie
Crewmember:K Davidson
Crewmember:J Wibberley
Crewmember:K Milne
Tractor Driver:J Ketchin
Shore Helper:S Robinson