0.73 hours at sea, 1 person was helped


Whilst training this morning our volunteer crew was tasked by UK Coastguard to attend an incident at Aberdour Black Sands beach. A 42yo female had fallen, sustaining a head injury. Our team was first on scene, arriving ten minutes later, and began assessing the casualty when the Scottish Ambulance Service SORT team arrived. The lady was treated and taken off the beach on a stretcher as a precaution, before being taken to hospital for further treatment. Kinghorn Coastguard and South Queensferry Coastguard along with the police also responded.

Area Map



Lifeboat Crew Involved

Helmsman:N Chalmers
Crewmember:M Davidson
Crewmember:S Walters
Crewmember:M Mulligan
Tractor Driver:P Wibberley
Shore Helper:J Wibberley