1.83 hours at sea, 3 people were helped


The lifeboat was tasked along with Queensferry Lifeboat and Prestwick helicopter Rescue 199 following reports of a person in the water up to their waist on Cramond causeway. Both lifeboats arrived on-scene and began a search of the causeway, but it was soon established that the casualty had safely exited the water.
It was then found that there were a further three people and one dog which were stranded on the island. They were taken off by lifeboat and taken to Granton Harbour, where they were handed over to coastguard rescue teams.

Area Map



Lifeboat Crew Involved

Helmsman:N Chalmers
Crewmember:M Davidson
Crewmember:S Walters
Crewmember:B Henderson
Tractor Driver:B Crow
Shore Helper:G Harding