0.91 hours at sea


We were called out after a person fell on the seawall at Newhaven. Although the tide was out, the lifeboat was requested to provide safety cover to the ambulance and coastguard personnel who were treating and moving the casualty in case any of them slipped or fell.

The volunteer crew stood off whilst Scottish Ambulance Service crew, South Queensferry Coastguard, Fisherrow Coastguard and Kinghorn Coastguard responded. Once the casualty and rescuers were all safely back up the wall the lifeboat was stood down.

Area Map



Lifeboat Crew Involved

Helmsman:N Chalmers
Crewmember:R Malcomson
Crewmember:F Soutar
Crewmember:S Wallace
Tractor Driver:R Johnston
Shore Helper:R Douglas