2.04 hours at sea, 8 people were helped, 7 lives were saved


Our volunteer crew was tasked at 1529 following a 999 call to the Coastguard reporting a small sailing dinghy and paddle boards in difficulty one mile off Port Seton. There were two adults and five children on board.
Whilst approaching the scene, it was advised that the dinghy had capsized, and seven occupants were in the water. We were soon alongside and pulled everyone to safety on board the lifeboat. An eighth person was making their way to Port Seton with three SUP boards but was making slow progress, so they were also recovered to the lifeboat. On arrival it became apparent that the dinghy had offered assistance to two SUP paddlers and had then capsized a short time later. All casualties were taken to Port Seton where two ambulances arrived to check everyone out along with North Berwick CRT and Fisherrow CRT.

Area Map


Port Seton

Lifeboat Crew Involved

Helmsman:N Chalmers
Crewmember:R Rutherford
Crewmember:K Milne
Crewmember:M Mulligan
Tractor Driver:G Milne
Shore Helper:R Douglas